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Double Top (cedar)

Brazilian body with cedar soundboard This magnificent modern concert guitar incorporates the innovative double top construction Gernot Wagner has pioneered and refined so successfully with his friend and colleague Matthias Dammann.

Capable of projecting to the back of the most challenging concert hall, Gernot Wagner's double top guitars are among the most powerful, finest projecting classical guitars in the world. More to the point, they are the most sonically beautiful, most natural sounding of the new generation of super guitars: lush round clean well focused well balanced sound through all registers, smooth creamy tonal transition from note to note, quick response, broad color palette, excellent separation, sustain, depth and density of sound.

In sum, these unique instruments represent a significant contribution to refined music making on the guitar and to the art of lutherie in general.

Materials: Very old dark master grade Brazilian rosewood sides and back, cedar double top soundboard, engraved RODGERS handcrafted tuning machine heads (the finest in the world) with ebony oval buttons, perfectly executed V graft head to neck joint, moderately elevated fingerboard, French polish of shellac finish with gorgeous optic depth, exceptional materials throughout, impeccable workmanship rivaling the finest in the world, 650mm string length.

Armin Kelly

Guitars International


Stauffer-Guitar (Copies after a Stauffer Model)

These guitars were built during the early 19th century. The instruments described as “Romantic guitars” or “Biedermeier Gitarren” are of smaller shape. They comply with the acoustic aesthetics and musical demands of this period.